Audio-Visual Services

Equipment rentals

  • Equipment rental and installation for all your sound, lighting, staging and projection requirements. I source what you need, install, and make operational. Then, if you need operators and engineers I do and/or provide only the best at the most treasonable rates. For peace of mind, leave it to the professionals.

Equipment Sales

  • I can recommend the best and most cost effective solution. Highly resourceful in this department. Because of my independence as a consultant I am not bound by any brand. Having good connections with official agents of most all sound equipment available in SA, qualify me for sizeable discounts.
  • Being a registered importer and having vast personal supplier contacts with manufacturing distributors from the East, I am in a position to offer imports of selected quality products at prices that will bring joy to any budget. I have listed anything from mobile stage trucks, light weight scaffold stage trussing systems to portable daylight LED screens for video projection of sporting events to the masses. Also on my list, video/data projectors, headband and handheld radio microphones, drum sets, guitar amplifiers and saxophones. From massive Line Array sound delivery systems to innovative buskers’ battery operated amplifiers. Smoke and fog machines, 3 colour laser lights, low power LED stage lights, lighting control boards, audio mixing desks, long snake cables, DI boxes, power generators and CDJ machines with MP3, USB and scratch features, I can supply it all. All equipment sold is backed up by unconditional factory guarantees and my (passionate) technical service and parts back-up.

Recommendation and qualifications

  • Contracted as preferred A/V service provider to The King Club/Zulu Jazz Lounge, Durban for all their clients’ A/V services.
  • As Head of Sound at the Playhouse Company, this formed part of my job description.
  • Gained immense current knowledge in exercise to source equipment for every conceivable presentation and performance situation for 2010 Soccer World Cup event.


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